The Higher secondary for Boys , is unique in the SSKV group of Institutions under the Conjeevaram Hindu Education Society. And rarely do Private Institutions, barring Religious ones,opt for Single Sex Education (SSE)

The Governing Body of the Institutions discussed and pondered long, before committing to the creation of this Exclusive SSE.

The choice was influenced by the preponderating consideration that this best addresses unique learning style and interests of Boys, thus also freeing the girls to grow in their own exclusive environment.
Taking into account all odds and challenges, in 1987, the management created this section that would provide for Boys minimized distraction in Learning, reduce behavior problems and yield greater opportunities and improved student self esteem.

The school is born of purely educational concerns and commitment to Education.

The school has Programs for both gifted children and for the boys in need of additional help to bridge learning difficulties. Scholarships and endowments lend support and incentives to gifted children; while structured remedial programs are offered for the students in need of extra help to tide over learning difficulties. through Special classes run free of cost by the school conducted by our own dedicated teachers, after school hours.